Storyteller • Maker

Let's face it — the story is king. It's the driver. The head honcho. The story is the key mechanism behind any successful movement or person. That's why I build motorcycles or sculpt ray guns: so I can share a better story. And between you and me, I'm hellbent on helping others share theirs.

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Some of my passions

My infatuation with motorcycles was a natural shift from the BMX bikes my friends and I used to ride through the alleyways of our Dallas suburb. Motorcycles take me back to that childhood thrill of absolute acceleration. They are my escape – they are the closest sensation we will ever have to flying.

Now on my second motorcycle, a 1980 CM400E, I’m just getting started. Sure, riding is risky, but isn’t risk what sends us on great adventures – through those suburban alleyways of our childhood? I’ll keep telling myself that.

I grew up in an ever-changing home – my mother, an interior designer, rearranged the house as often as she found raggedy furniture to bring back to life (before it was cool). She pulls her inspiration from the likes of Charles and Ray Eames and Frank Loyd Wright. I picked up on the mid-century design aesthetic early in life and have been arranging, myself, ever since.

I was addicted to coffee earlier than most of my peers – my job at Starbucks supplied me with endless bags of beans. I soon became bored, and began to refine my taste for specialty coffee.

Coffee is more than just a morning beverage. It is a symbol of routine. It is a staple of hard work in the early hours of the day. It also makes for excellent photos.