Helsinki dreams

Finnish Mökki is a thing to experience. The late evening fog plumes out from the forest, or the water. Stepping from the sauna into the frigid lake — you can’t tell the difference between the steam billowing from your body and that fog.

But between putrid outhouses and the constant mosquito ambushings, you start to miss the city. At least, if that’s where you are from. And so it was for Michelle and I. And we were relieved to finally be back in Helsinki.

Michelle_Helsinki-5Of course, as soon as we hit the city we bought new coffee. Café Esplanade started roasting their own beans since we had last been there. We bought an Ethiopian coffee with notes of “black tea and dried apricots.” It has gotten us through the last few mornings — the Finnish morning sun (which never really rises, because it never sets) warms our backs as we sip in silence.
Michelle_Helsinki-3We walk by familiar paths, through Johannes Park. There, people sunbathe and sketch the magnificent church in the background. Michelle was my model for the day — she also lent me her Canon 5d II with her f1.8 50mm prime lens. The images it produces are stunning. Michelle was just as pleased to finally be the one in front of the camera.

Being here makes me hope for a future in Europe. Makes me dream of starting some successful company, or becoming a renowned designer — that way Michelle and I can find ourselves here again. I don’t know where we are going. I know we never will. And for now, that’s okay. Helsinki is calling, and we’ve got days to answer her.


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