Planning vs. Execution
Obligatory sunrise GIF — I have to with this view.

William Harkness is a legend. He can be spotted riding his Pure Fix bicycle no-handed, wearing pants stitched together from multicolored bandanas, and playing hip hop. I had the pleasure of interviewing William. He has a fascinating story – he came to Baylor on a ceramics scholarship, yet chose to study communication. He wants to start a band with his sister, and his mom and dad.

After shooting the footage of William and getting some quotes from other students, I had enough material to create a thorough feature article. But my priorities were scrambled this week.

Rather than write that article, I wasted my time browsing webpages. That’s not even how I relax: I recharge my best when I am working on a project, like furniture.

And if the act of creating brings me back to life, why do I insist on wasting my time? What I consume on the Internet, excluding news articles and other people’s blog posts, is soon forgotten.

What you do defines you – and I want to be a writer. I don’t want to be defined as an expert YouTube viewer. It’s just the doing part that is scary.

That’s where I get stuck. I wrap myself up in the delivery that I never get anything done. Rather than actually work, I become infatuated with the final product: what is my journalistic set up going to look like? which camera and lenses should I buy? how should my website look how often should I post?

Planning is vital to productivity, otherwise my work would be disorganized. But I keep myself from working at all when I plan. The execution never happens. I feign busyness.

TL;DR Planning feels like productivity, but lacks execution. Though important for organization, prioritize production over planning.IMG_2981[1]

An example of where my execution took place over planning was this little graphic I created — inspired by all the espresso pictures on my Instagram feed. At the moment, by sketchbook is filled with coffee mugs and latte art sketches. There’s an intimacy with me and mugs. As I have drawn them, I have seen how they behave in light — where the whitest whites and deeper shadows are.


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