Denton Farmers Market

Yes, that is a 3-day-old lamb

Weekends became time for sitting. For building my Amazon wishlist. For researching 3D printers, because what else does a college student need?

I would say no to going out, because the thought of having to do something meant I wasn’t relaxing. I’d cancel plans, flake on friends, and lay in bed. And I still do.

I’ve learned my tendency to want to be alone can make others feel like I am hard to approach. My personality is INFP, which means I’m the “Mediator.” Reading up on my habits helps me identify them, and correct my behavior. So instead of reading that camera review for the third time, I chose to go out this weekend.

Päivikki left, Michelle right

My fiancee is moving in with a new roommate this summer. Her name is Päivikki, and she is from Finland like my fiancee, Michelle. Go figure they are moving in together. I met her this weekend when we all went to the Denton farmers market. It was its first time being open this year — and it showed.

Young couples, older couples, children and dogs flocked to the market. Booths lined with custom pens, local honey and pie bites perfumed the air with new smells. The children ran. The dogs barked. The day was spring.


Turns out Päivikki likes computers, too. In fact, she knows way more about them than I do. Talking HTML and CSS with her was embarrassing. I felt like the children. And I never would have known had I not set my tendencies aside to try something new. I think that’s a daily lesson — one I often write about, and something I never regret doing.

That’s not to say that I don’t have my quirks for a reason. It’s the habitual playing into them that gets us trapped. I’d like to break free from that one day, and accept myself and others wholly.

It’s funny to think what can come from a few hours in the sun with good friends and conversation. And great pie bites.


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