Baylor Title IX Suit & Newsrooms

Baylor Title IX Suit

Leaf Wave
I found this leaf waving at me, Thursday morning.
The would-be press conference location.

The rain broke Thursday and the sun evaporated the water into a humid steam. Remnants forming puddles caught leaves — some brown, some green. I found one waving at me in the wind. And it found me busting ass to make deadline.

The day before, Zalkin Law Firm out of San Deigo filed a Title IX law suit against Baylor, and had scheduled a press conference in downtown Waco at the Courtyard by Marriott. I was set to cover the conference, but Wednesday night’s storm canceled their flight. They released a video instead. The full length article I wrote is on the Baylor Lariat website.

I still don’t know how I feel about reporting on breaking news. Normally, I prefer long-form, creative writing: feature length, like the New Yorker. I am interested in the implications of breaking news.

See “What if San Bernardino is Terrorism?

But then I get on my beat, and I’m across town to get a quote or a picture, and it feels like living. For over five years, I have told my fiancée how time constraints stress me out. But when its a deadline, a fire is set in me. Where I am normally reserved, I’ll push a source for more information. It’s like I’ve discovered a hidden power, like I dreamed of when I was a kid.

Newsroom vs. Working at Home

My personal work station.

I have shared my work space profusely across the Internet. It is something I am proud of. And as nice of a space as it is, I find myself preferring working away from home. Specifically, in the newsroom.

Now that I have a job with the paper, I also have a desk. I can leave my gear and know it will still be there when I come back. And when I have a question about a story, the people I need to contact are in the same room.

But the main reason I prefer working in a newsroom is the attitude of my coworkers. It is a work-conducive environment: everyone wants everyone to succeed. And they are interesting people, themselves. That always makes for good company.

There is also a constant supply of coffee, albeit it tastes terrible. Hopefully I can impact the coffee scene for the better, and introduce the team to some quality Ethiopian or Kenyan sourced beans. I also get to show off my coffee gear.

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