Coffee Friends & New Job

IMG_2884This morning, I willingly sacrificed sleep for exercise. That hasn’t happened since I was a sophomore in high school and 40 lbs overweight. But exercise (in my case, running), does something strange for your body. It’s like it compensates for the lack of sleep by waking you up. I was talkative before I had my morning coffee. My roommates weren’t.

The run itself was not bad either — it hurt more than yesterday’s though. I’m going to have to bite the bullet and get some workout headphones. My Beats aren’t conducive to running.


Coffee: Pinewood Roasters 8th Street Blend (50/50 Ethiopian Kochere and Columbian Huila)

Process: The Columbian is washed — I’m not sure about the Ethiopian.

Tasting Notes: Strawberry, Citrus, Chocolate, Creamy

Method: Aeropress (Inverted)

There wasn’t anything special about today’s brew — I haven’t dialed it in yet. One of my roommates is a barista, which means he brings home all the leftover bulk bags. This week’s happens to be Sump Coffee’s Ethiopian Worka. He spoils me.

According to him, it’s impossible to screw the Worka up. Well, I somehow managed to anyway. It is the coffee shown in the GIF above. While filming, I messed up the bloom, my scale ran out of battery, and my yield was way under extracted. Whoops. I’ll give it another shot tomorrow morning. I may also get new batteries. And maybe Kalita filters — I’ve been out for months now.


I had a second spring break. Since I go to a private school, I had Friday and Monday off for Easter. I happen to not have classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. That means I got off on Wednesday and I don’t start back up until tomorrow.

That being said, it is my first full day on staff with the campus newspaper, the Baylor Lariat. As assistant city desk editor, I edit copy and give feedback on people’s pitches. I will also help sort through and find Associated Press stories for more global news (i.e. news that we can’t report on in Waco, Texas). Basically just a ton of reading.

Pinewood RoastersIMG_2896

I am also doing some ghostwriting for an insurance agency downtown. They have given me creative freedom — so I am doing a series of features on small businesses. It puts a face on the types of businesses the agency wants to insure. Wacoans love to read about the local start-ups.

Pinewood Roasters opened up this time last year. The first specialty coffee roaster in the city — Dylan Washington and J.D. Beard met as baristas at Common Grounds, a local coffee shop. Through a mutual friend, I met the two entrepreneurs and subsequently interviewed them for the feature article mentioned above.


Their passion for the coffee industry is refreshing, especially since I am a former barista. There philosophy reminds me of the brilliant documentary, Hero Dreams of Sushi. It’s the idea that it is the love for the matter that produces quality. Not the machinery. And they make a damn good cup of coffee.

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