When I started college, it became important for me to understand my social temperament: am I an introvert or an extrovert? It would determine my college experience if I could identify it early on. And we are all always trying to find a sense of belonging.

But circumstances changed like they do. I met new people, I got engaged, I got to know Waco and all of its liveliness. And suddenly that social temperament — that “vertedness” — became irrelevant. We change with who we are with. It’s one of the only ways change feels natural.

I also changed who I was with. That’s less natural, especially in a place like Baylor, because it takes a special effort to get to know someone.

But I realized something when I changed my major to Journalism, and it’s particular to the field: through interviewing people, I was getting snippets of their lives — their culmination of experiences. And aren’t those one and the same?

That’s all we have to offer each other. All we have is what we have experienced, or the promise of more. We get these little snippets of people and it is beautiful right that second. However fleeting, however short an acquaintance like a song or an interview, our vertedness is not permanent. It is not set in stone. It changes like it does.

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