Coding Project: Part 1

After learning a bit more HTML and CSS, I am attempting a little side coding project. At the rate I was going, there was no way I could have created anything worth looking at — that is, until I found out about Bootstrap. Bootstrap is a mobile-friendly combination of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. It saves time by eliminating the need to code every single detail, and allows you to focus on the project as a whole. Bootstrap was started by the innovators over at Twitter. Go figure.


Coding the front Page


The “Heading” sections at the bottom were coded using Bootstrap’s mobile friendly design

I’m not going to go into crazy amounts of detail. I’ve seen the Facebook movie. I know what happens when someone shares web ideas.

It’s been exciting learning the basics of coding, especially now that I have Bootstrap to work off of. For example, instead of creating a ton of <div>’s within <div>’s, and tweaking the position of those <div’s> in CSS, Bootstrap simplifies it into one tiny line of code: <div style =”col-md-4″>.



The minimal, classic design of typewriter keys took a while to get right. At first, I tried to include a pencil and cigarette somewhere in the image. I also toyed around with the color pallet — using light blues and their complementary oranges. It was too much.

When I think about my taste, I am always attracted to minimalism, and negative space. In getting back to the basics, and making something easily recognizable, while simultaneously appealing, I ended up with a pleasing final product.



Similar to the header, I wanted something clean and simple for the logo. Since the webpage is going to be called “The Writers Block,” a play on words seemed fitting.

This was created in Adobe Fireworks, as was the header image. I am more fluent in Illustrator and Photoshop, so adjusting was a bit tricky. My options are slim, as I am burning through the free trials Adobe offers. Since I had already used both Photoshop and Illustrator, I was stuck with Fireworks. Baylor does have an entire floor full of iMac’s with the latest Adobe software — I just like my desk too much.

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