Eames Molded Plastic Chair

Among a slew of coffee products, I received an Eames chair by Herman Miller for Christmas. My mother, who has instilled in me a high appreciation for design, has a set of these in fiberglass in her kitchen. She also has the iconic Eames lounging chair in her living room. I was planning on requesting another Saddleback Leather product, but when I found out that she had planned on surprising me with one of these beauties, I was swayed. There were several factors in me getting this specific chair, however.


My work-space is sacred. It sets the mood for my writing. Minimalism allows for distraction free work, which is why I opted for the sleek, minimal lines of the armless chair. It is shaped with intention, in that it fits naturally to the body. The molded plastic version has the added advantage of some flexion — which is good for those extra caffeinated mornings when I bounce a lot…

Mid Century Aesthetic

It is a product of the period it was born in. I have found that there is so much from that era that I do adore. The straight lines are iconic, and add to the sense of minimalism. I needed a chair that could accent my simple desk (the desk is a work in progress piece I will be sharing soon). The Eames chair’s mid century design will go together with it perfectly to add a subtle pop of character, while still blending in due to its white color.


While my style has continued to become more simple, I still like touches of stained concrete and exposed piping. There was an option to have wooden dowel legs, but I opted for the “Eiffel Tower” legs because the wood would have clashed with my floors. Getting them in black contrasted with the white seat without popping out too much.

My apartment is also something worth showing. I plan on doing several installments of the different rooms. It has a pretty cool history: it was the nations largest church furniture factory during the industrial boom, and was converted to lofts. Expect to see my chair in the section on my room.

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