4 Habits for a Successful Semester


Journaling is nostalgic. I spend so much time typing for papers and feature stories that when I do hand write anything, they are class notes. But I know myself, and I need to be able to write in my journal every morning. It helps me visualize my current state, and allows me to influence my attitude about the day. I didn’t give myself any time to journal last semester, and it showed – it was the most hectic semester yet.

And to do it in a simple Moleskine journal is rewarding. To finally finish it – it’s like a volume of your life for that span of time. It is so intimate. And because I am not writing for anybody but myself, I have full creative freedom. It’s great practice.


When I started my blog over the summer, it was so satisfying to hammer out a post a day. Sometimes I would try to get two in. But when the fall semester started, the frequency of my posts plummeted. I was doing well if I could post once a month. It was a priority thing.

Certainly – school is more important than putting something up on my website. However, similar to journaling, it is good for me. If I can produce something worth sharing at least twice a week, then I’m okay.


This one is tricky, but hopefully not this semester now that I’m in upper level classes. Normally, I am reading two to three hours per night for class. Thankfully, I don’t have any literature classes. This means that I should be freed up to read more. As much as I like to produce, whether it be blogging or building furniture, consuming quality writing is just as enjoyable. It fills you up. It makes for better writing. Here’s my current reading list:

    • All the Kings Men by Robert Penn Warren
    • Huck Finn by Mark Twain
    • Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig (This is a re-read)

Accept Change

I just finished a book called “Who Moved my Cheese?” It’s about knowing what your passions are, and being willing to move to pursue them. A lot is already changing this semester. One of my good friends is moving back to Austin to take time off for his music. I am gearing up to get ready for my study-abroad trip to Budapest.

Despite what might feel like a rush of events, I will stay cognizant of my passions – even if that means getting a little uncomfortable. The habits listed above should help me get there.


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