Coffee Friday: What I’m Drinking

I posted about my first geisha coffee over the summer — a coffee so good I still dream about it. The same roaster, Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters (my hometown roaster), currently has their seasonal Ethiopian Wote Konga out.
A similar coffee Oak Cliff roasted, also a Konga, won the Dallas — Fort Worth coffee of the year for 2014. It is not the first time the roaster has taken first place — the same coffee won the 2013 title, as well. No surprise there.

Coffee Info:

Being from Africa, the Konga is a natural wash. Elevation is relatively high at 2050 meters, and Rocking the oh-so-good Heirloom varietal.

Coffee Aromatics:

Upon opening the bag, there is an immediate rush of strawberry and blueberry aromas. After grinding, there is a hint of some darker floral notes — maybe black tea.

Coffee Brew Methods:

I’ve been brewing it on the Kalita because it produces a higher volume of coffee for the extra long mornings. Yes, I have a problem.

This being said, I have been most pleased with brewing it on the Aeropress. In fact, I have yet to be disappointed with any brew that comes out of the Aeropress. The thing it bullet proof. The coffee comes out as balanced as a pour-over because of the paper filter, yet robust as a full immersion.

Coffee Tasting Notes:

The drinking notes are almost identical to the aromatics — strawberries and maybe a hint of raisin. These results were not achievable when I cupped the coffee, unfortunately — so you should probably just stick to the Aero or French Press.

If you are looking for a coffee as a stocking-stuffer, I would highly recommend the Wote Konga Yirgacheffe, but really if it is going to be brewed on the Aeropress. If you are feeling extra generous this year, that gesha I mentioned is up for sale, too. Go check it out:

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