Selling the Motorcycle

Possibly more profound than the day I bought my motorcycle was the day I sold it. There is more emotion tied to them than cars — if I sold a horse I imagine it would be much the same sentiment. And there is an odd sense of appreciation when you catch the last glimpse of it leaving the parking lot – like it was a really good run.

Or maybe it was easier because it hadn’t been running, and it was a burden off my back. I didn’t have the money to fix it, nor the time. Whatever I did get for it would also help pay for taxes. Boo.

Though I sold the motorcycle for a fraction of what I paid, I was not bitter in spite of it. To me, the freedom from riding and the experience gained couldn’t be bought with money. And that feeling frees me to let go of these monetary things. Besides, it’s not as if I won’t buy another. I have every intention for my fiancée to ride with me one day.

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