The Skinny Tie

There are few pieces of clothing in a man’s wardrobe that are worn around the neck. Scarves are only for the colder months, and no one wants to be known as “necklace guy.” However, there is one piece that has withstood every season and trend. Its design speaks volumes about the wearer, and can be worn as an accessory with any collared shirt. Introducing the skinny tie!
As a product of the 50’s and 60’s, the skinny tie was popularized by boy-bands of the time. The Beatles could often be seen sporting these black ties — sparking a cult movement of shaggy hair and rock n’ roll.
And ties are one of the cheapest fashion accessories available. Ranging from $25 to $50, it is a small investment that can last for years. Their versatility also makes them a must have; as different knots will work better with various collared shirts. Go Half Windsor for a slimmer look, and Double for more formal events. And don’t worry, there are plenty of YouTube how-to’s available to ensure you have the cleanest knots.
For the thrift store junkie, ties from the mid-century era can be found hidden amongst the atrocity of the 90’s ties. This not only cuts costs, but reinstates older, classic designs into your wardrobe. There is something to be said about the nostalgia of another generation’s clothing; the skinny tie being one of many beautiful designs to come from our parents’ parents (I’m looking at you, Mad Men).
But what is it about this small piece of fabric that makes such a statement? Solid colored ties are perfect additions to patterned shirts, while more vibrant designs complete the most basic button-up. With designs like the Micro Diamond Silk Tie from Banana Republic, or the simple polka-dot from J. Crew, the choices are endless when searching for the newest addition to your collection.
Ties does more than keep your collar looking sharp; it is a statement about your personal taste. The Paisley pattern is back in, so head on over to one of the above mentioned sites to grab one for yourself!

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