Summer Date: July 3rd, 2015

My Dallas dates with Michelle typically land in Oak Cliff. The pace is slow and quiet, and it is just a touch cleaner than, say, Deep Ellum. The niche spots already discovered, we seek out new places to sprinkle in with the staples. Always a favorite, Davis Street Espresso, the café and roasting location for Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters, was our first destination.



Once adequately caffeinated, we made the short walk over to Joy Macarons — me getting distracted along the way by the always-photogenic Michelle…

… and motorcycles

Michelle prides herself in being a regular of Joy Macarons. “I love the minimalism. When you go in there, you can see the kitchen through the glass … it’s just minimal and cute.” She says. “It doesn’t need to be anything gaudy. It’s just like ‘macarons!'”


A refreshing sight in the abundance of concrete in Dallas, Local Press + Brew was the highlight of the trip. We were greeted with a chicken coop and freshly laid eggs, a greenhouse, and — again — beautiful minimalism. Equipped with a single group Izzo Alex Duetto, Coyote Coffee, and an abundance of juice options — Local is not your average café. The drinks are fresh, and the staff is caring, making Local my favorite spot of the day. Go check them out.

Dating is something Michelle and I cherish. That is, when we get the opportunity. We have found that $30 per person is plenty to have a day out together.

In the meantime, I proposed, but that is another story…


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