Proposing to My Girlfriend

Michelle, in all her lovely features, is not good with surprises. Where I love them, she is in agony. And when she found out I had bought her the ring, she would get this look on her face in the lulls of conversation. It was a face of anxiousness and desire and sadness like a sickness. But she played along to the game because she knew it meant a lot to me. That’s so her.

The cicadas sound like summer. They broke the silence on Sunday, July 5th. The pulsing heat scattered by tree shade, I stood in the backyard of my childhood — waiting for the woman I love. Over the course of June, I had organized how I would propose. It all started with a Finnish dress.

Michelle is a sucker for Marimekko, one of the biggest designers in Finland. From when we started dating over four years ago, she has always been begging her mother to buy her something from their clothing line. She would daydream out loud about her wardrobe — fantasizing about the pretty patterns and scrolling through their website. Knowing how much pictures meant to her, it only made sense that the dress she would wear during the proposal would be from the coveted Marimekko.

The day of, Michelle thought she was going to Denton with one of her girlfriends. Right before she was to be picked up, I had her mother present the dress to her as an “anonymous gift,” fully aware that Michelle would figure the circumstances. She was dropped by my house where I sat waiting with an anticipation all fire inside of me. Post proposal — I also surprised her with an engagement party with our friends and family. I will describe that in detail in another post. For now, enjoy the pretty pictures, courtesy of Rachel Verdugo Photography!




15 thoughts on “Proposing to My Girlfriend

  1. I am soooo.. happy for you!!!! The pictures are great and you two make a beautiful couple. .. God bless your lives together!

  2. Thanks. Will do as asked and rest assured I did not miss the lovely photographer who helped you capture your biggest day so far. Thank you so much and I promise you the support from my readers will add to the joy of the moment. Congrats and please give her a big squeeze on my behalf.

  3. Gavin – Michelle is beautiful. It looks like you found the perfect soulmate. I don’t know her, but I do know you. Michelle is getting a wonderful and godly man. You two look inseparable. Many blessings on you both.
    Kathy Appleton

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