Houndstooth Coffee, Dallas

There are places in life where the best conversations take place. Campfires; over a cigar. Whiskey or, my favorite, coffee. So was the case when I met up with my Austin friends, and fellow coffee enthusiasts, Collin and Jack-Bradley .


In settings with good friends and good conversation, there is that feeling like a shiver. I try to relish those moments. It’s an excitement setting in, because there is no other place you would rather be. And maybe you have to be a little buzzed on caffeine or tobacco for it to really sink in, or maybe the friends are just that great. Regardless, catching up with them is always a treat — and the kind Houndstooth staff made it all the better.

As customary, Houndstooth was serving Tweed. Jack got their cold brew, I their house espresso, and Collin an experimental coffeesicle (coffee popsicle). I had been hopping from shop to shop earlier that day with my fiancé, trying blends from the likes of Avoca. I find it proper to follow regular coffee with espresso — especially for shorter visits. So much liquid, especially if it’s acetic coffee, gives me a soar throat, and a simple shot serves as the perfect alternative. Plus, for those in the South, you might get Topo Chico served with it, which is always a treat.


The visit was brief. We said goodbye earlier than I would have liked to. Jack and Collin had other shops they needed to try while in town, and I had family who had traveled in for the proposal to get back to. They’ll be back again, though. Guys like us are always trying to find the best cuppa. Thanks for reading, and always drink it black.


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