Geisha Coffee

“Geisha” is a word used among coffee enthusiasts to describe the origin of a certain type of bean. Transported decades ago from Ethiopia, the strikingly African tasting coffee is rooted in Panama. Being a particularly rare bean, due to its location-specific growing environment, 8 ounces (roughly 9 cuppa’s) costs $35. Despite its high prices, addicts and aficionados alike can’t get enough of it.

I had the fortune of walking into my favorite Dallas coffee shop, Davis Street Espresso, to see that they were serving it. $7 later, I sat blown away by the simplicity of the coffee. It was brewed on a Steampunk by Alpha Dominche, which is a full immersion brew method. That is, the coffee is steeped in the water, rather than extracted through, like a V60. Despite it being brewed this way, which typically brings out a more robust body, the coffee was slick and refreshing.

I didn’t ask for the tasting notes, but I gathered that sweet, fruity-floralness characteristic of an Ethiopian; yet more minimal. It was honed. It was delicious, and I absolutely intend to try more. Has anyone else tried this coffee?

Thanks for taking a look, and always drink it black.

5 thoughts on “Geisha Coffee

  1. I loved this article because I heard this same thing from work colleagues. They were asking me to try a new blend imported from Ethiopia. They know how much I cannot tolerate black coffee. And that photo is just superb. It’s a mesmerising study in blue.

    1. Thanks SB! The shop I took it at is so well designed, just about everything in there is picturesque. And if you simply can’t do black coffee, I know some really killer cold brew recipes that include sweetened condensed milk and a cupcake wrapper…

      1. Have I seen the interior of this shop in earlier blog posts? I don’t have any decorating sense so I’m very drawn to beautifully designed interiors. I’ll look out for one of your cold brew recipes. Thank you.

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