Adventuring in Wacotown

Michelle and I braved the summer humidity and mosquitoes that ensue to spend the evening in Cameron Park, Waco. We both claim to have active lifestyles so we can justify ourselves when we eat poorly, but we know we could get out more. Today was a day when we did.

IMG_0799Prone to incapacitating poison ivy attacks, I still manage to find solace in the outdoors. It’s like when you have just had coffee, and everything is positive and inspirational and whole. That was what it was like today, but I didn’t need coffee to feel it.

IMG_0798We came across critters — seemingly alone in their places but moving with or without us. They are rulers, and the woods are filled with a million little conquerors.

IMG_0801Some were scarier, but still told a similar story. A story of survival and freedom, like what Michelle and I were chasing when we entered the forest. And we’re all getting along here, like a spider in her web, or maybe even at a snails pace, and that’s okay.


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